OMG - just found out the priest never had my wedding booked!

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fiji Posts: 129
Found out by pure chance yesterday, was sending a few emails around re church music and one of them got back to say that they had already got a booking for my date and in my church! The first thought was that the priest had double booked! So got onto him yesterday and it turns out that he never put the date in the book at all, I was fit to kill him. Just lucky that the date was still available as everything is booked O:| O:| O:|
naru Posts: 137
I wouldn't have known what to do if that was me - glad the date was still free :eek !
gerbil Posts: 3528
oh my god! thank heavens you got it sorted!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
omg, thank god you found out now, and it could be fixed!! I say you got a little fight though
Loreve Posts: 501
Going by some of the posts on this website, priests just don't appear the most reliable guys in the world. I'd say everyone out there should double check their dates, just in case! :eek
Mrs Snove Posts: 1611
OMG, thank god it was still available. Could you imagine if it wasn't :eek
BikerBride Posts: 208
OMG thats awful :eek :eek :eek My mind was put at ease when I called into the church administrator in person to see if she had received our paperwork from the parish priest. She opened up the diary and I saw our names down for the date and was also surprised to see that we are the only couple getting married in the church that day. Thought it would have been a popular date it being the bank holiday weekend and all.