Omg the tiredness!..

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glowgal Posts: 949
Im 13 wks and the tiredness is unreal, this is ny 2nd baby and I never had this the first time. I feel like my eyelids have weights. Anyone else like this?
sophiemae Posts: 109
Big time! But I can't nap most days, my brain won't quieten. Except on Saturday, when I slept from 4pm till 8am Sunday :)
corkiegirl Posts: 825
Yes, the tiredness was a killer. Felt awful at work, thought I literally would fall asleep sitting upright. Then when I got home, I didn't have the energy to feed myself, let alone cook for hubby (who gets in so much later than me so no chance of him cooking). Started going to bed at 6 or 7pm as I just couldn't manage to get up for work at 6:30am otherwise.
atina Posts: 2240
I went for a nap from 5- 6:15 when i got in from work last night then went to bed at 21:15 and was asleep in two mins...hubby said i was out cold when he came up to bed!!
ianstuart Posts: 1947
The tiredness at the start was a real killer and i feel exactly the same right now . Im 32 & 4 and ive to have a nap most days after work or i just cant function for the rest of the evening. Im hoping this will pass soon.
mshelly Posts: 746
coming to the end of week 12 and the exhaustion is a killer. I was signed out from work for 3 days due to it and most days at 11am and again at 3pm all i want to do is sleep. I have even thought about heading out to my car for a nap but it wouldn't be comfortable :eek After work it is straight home to bed for about 1.5hours get up, have something to eat and back to bed or hit the couch. I used to be so active in the evening times, especially during the summer that I am really struggling to cope with the exhaustion and serious lack of energy. All i am doing now is yawning, the people in work must think that i don't go to be till very late every night. Also no concentration because I am so tired. I only hope this goes really soon as I can't take much more of it. :weep
babyforus Posts: 1619
Glowgal, the exhaustion is a killer on no2 (or more). No chance to nap!