On a diet- healthy treats?

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im waiting Posts: 2727
So I've refrained from eating treats for a month now but really fancy something this evening. I'd love some chocolate, but what bars can I buy that won't load on the lbs Hope someone can help me with this one :thnk
I normally buy Boots shapers bars. Some of them only have about 89 calories. I also find it too hard to give up chocolate so allow myself a bar with a very healthy lunch. Good luck with the diet
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
I know lots of people hate dark chocolate but if you like it it's much better than milk choc and you can't eat as much of it.. Sometimes when there's no biccies in the house I spread nutella on ryvita and then put sliced banana on top - yum! You shouldn't deprive yourself too much though, if you've been good so far this week why not just have a little bag of malteasers, think they're only 180 cals, or a kit kat isn't much more than 200 :wv
bijou Posts: 1154
Small kitkat - biscuit size is only 2.5 pints in WW and so is a a mini bag of malteesers. I heard that a crunchie is low calorie too!
dion Posts: 986
curly wurly only 2.5 pts, id usually have this with solero exotic(2 pt) at week end.
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
sugar free jelly+ a small bit of ice+cream lindts 75% chocolate. very strong but satisfying!!! ul eat less of it any kind of fruit ice pop is ok, maybe make ur own with frozen yogurts.
gottabfp Posts: 5641
purple snack is 3 or 3.5 ww points... they are gorg! and it takes ages to nibble of the choc so its very satisfying
I Do I Do Posts: 272
Tayto velvet crunch 1 ww point skips 1 1/2 ww pts honest popcorn 1 1/2 ww pts (I think) snax 1 1/2 ww pts chickatees 1 1/2 ww pts (might notice I'm a complete crisp addict!) :)
Jawl Posts: 8881
Velvet Crunch are 83 cals Walkers Baked are 99cals Crunchie 180 cals Curly Wurly 115cals I am (was!) a total junk food addict, 2 bags of crisps a day, 2 bars of choc at least, and pringles, family sized bags of onion rings, peanuts etc. Never deny yourself anything. I allow myself a bag of walkers wih a glass of wine on Friday nights. And on Monday I allow myself a crunchie bar. Never going over my calorie limiations.
Mrsdm Posts: 1136
[quote="dion"]curly wurly only 2.5 pts, id usually have this with solero exotic(2 pt) at week end.[/quote] I just had a curly wurly, yummy and feel better now i know they are so low!