On Maternity Leave in relevant tax yr for Maternity Benefit

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YumYum Posts: 482
Hi Girls, I wonder could anyone help me here. I was on maternity leave in 2008 for the full 26 weeks, my baba came a full 7 weeks early so was off 31 weeks in total in that year with no pay from employer and then Maternity benefit kicked in. So does that mean that I am not entitled to Maternity Benefit at all now when I go on my maternity leave in June of this year. I have been working full time since I left college and am working full time since being back from my last maternity leave. YY
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Ring Citizen information. I thought when you were on maternity leave that it wasn't counted as been out of work, even if your employer didn't pay you. My employer isn't paying me and I presumed it wouldn't affect my future entitlement to social welfare (as there's a good chance I'll be laid off when I go back after mat leave). Let me know what you find out.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i think that they go back 2 years i.e.2008