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Christmas B Posts: 6191
Ah girls you're so good!!! Perfectionista, it's on in Westport!!!!! The Knockranny Lodge Hotel!!!!! Is this your brothers????????????? :D I know I'm lucky in the spot department so I shouldn't really complain for the one in a blue moon spot attack!! It's just the cheek of it's timing to decide to take a brew this week!!! Re honeymoon.............. Travel agent isn't getting me to where I want to go and she's just so flipping slow in getting back to me!! I tell her one thing and she gives me back details for another place!! Then she keeps reminding me to book asap as flights are getting fully booked!! If only she'd give me a price for what I'm asking for!!! Errrrr............!!! Steam shooting from ears!!! Deep breaths............... in and out, in and out!!! :D :D
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[quote:nbo3pnsr]My bro's wedding is in Donegal. He lives in Kildare though.[/quote:nbo3pnsr] Ah darn.......... different wedding!!! Wouldn't that have been hilarious if it was the same wedding!!! :D