one baby on scan at 12 weeks but gp thinks different??

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nicola16 Posts: 219
hi girls, would love some advice..i have had 3 scans already - one with clane - as i had ivf, a private scan and a scan with d coombe all before i was 12 weeks..have been in maternity clothes since i was 8 weeks gone and people have been asking me since then was i pregnant...had a feeling from the start it was twins but only showed up as one baby but when i went to gp last week at 16 weeks and was feeling my tummy and said are you sure its not twins or triplets...i told her about scans and she knew i had the ivf as she said she would not be suprised if another baby or babies was hiding..has this happened to anyone else or do you have any next scan is not with the coombe until the 24th nov
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
im having twins and they saw them both at 8 weeks in scan, would you not book a priavte scan if you were able to and see if one twin is shadowing the other? have you felt any movement of popping yet? when i went to doc last week he immediatly felt the 2 babies in my tum, so your doc might be right?!
JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
omg thats so exciting - how in gods name are you going to wait until end of November. If its your first baby it would be a bit unusual to be showing as early as 8 weeks - sounds like its twins alright - how lovely ! hectic but fabulous ! :o)ll
nicola16 Posts: 219
yea its our first pregnancy..not sure if im feeling movements really yet as not sure what i should be even said to me last week that i looked like i was 24 weeks even though i was only 16 last week..manage to get a private scan booked for sat 30th so it is not to long awahy