one or two bridesmaids?

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7year hitch Posts: 49
We want a simple wedding and have just booked our venue and church for October '09. I have asked my sis to be BM and was going to ask my best friend too. But I am now wondering if I should. Just realised if i have 2 BMs, then h2b should have a best man and groomsman. Am now thinking it would be simpler to just have one bridesmaid, then we don't have to all meet up for trying on dresses (we're all in diffferent parts of ireland) and my sis can wear whatever she wants. Would also save a few bob. On the other hand, would like my friend to be BM too..oh I just don't know. Any advice?
I think its up to you, there is no right or wrong. Do whatever suits you and your hubby and your pocket!!!!
7year hitch Posts: 49
Thanks fairydust flowers. My hubby doesn't mind having a groomsman..says do whatever I want..will sleep on it!
sona sasta Posts: 585
I was in the same position and went with just my sis, its so much easier to find a dress style/colour for just one person. You can include your friend by asking her to read a reflection, do a reading etc
rockstar Posts: 1815
if one bm is easier and saves a few quid and your happy with it then theres really no need to have two! Im sure your friend would be happy to do something else like a reading?