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Milly83 Posts: 3620
I never see Garda on the roads at all! I would average it at twice a year and myself and H2B do a lot of driving around at the weekends. They might stop for tax and insurance but they should breathalise as well. It's ridiculous. You also never see them checking for speed that often. There should be more working speed cameras all over the country. AND the WHOLE system should be changed with regards to learning to drive and all that.
Italy07 Posts: 5409
I totally agree, sure we don't get tested driving on motorways or in bad weather! Its crazy!
Delish Posts: 4176
Apparently you can buy breathalizers for about €80 on the internet and they are really good. I bought my brother a breathalizer for xmas, but it was a cheap gimmicky one that I got in a car accessory shop for about €15, and it was shoite. Well worth splashing out on the more expensive ones if they are any good. I'm in favour of the all out ban on drink driving, even a pint or two. I think the problem is people go into a pub and say right I'm only having 2 drinks, and then after 2 drinks they are a bit tipsy and decide fe*k it, I 'll leave the car in town, then carry on drinking, and if they only have another 2 and the night is winding down, it's hard not to drive home. Or if they get langers they might stupidly decide to drive. I know there is absolutely no excuse for it, and I wouldn't defend anyone who drinks and drives, but the all out ban might stop seasoned drinkers from driving with 2/3 drinks on them. Am I making sense? (Probably not :o0 ) The morning after is such a problem though - how do you work around it? Every Xmas the guards are stopping poeple on my route to work, sometimes see them at 8 8.30 on the Tuesday after a bank holiday as well. I suppose it's a good thing but all the fatalities seem to happen between Thurs and Sat and usually at night. TBH I would accept the morning after bagging if the total ban on drink driving lead to fewer road accidents.
fire fly Posts: 1241
How many accidents happen the morning after? Do they have stats on it?