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shattered Posts: 322
One year to go today... the countdown is officially on. :o)ll And because every silver lining has a cloud, I'm stuck at home with a broken ankle for at least another three weeks. :o(
jumpingthebroom Posts: 154
How exciting! :o)ll Happy -1 year anniversary (Sorry about the ankle! :thnk )
shattered Posts: 322
Thanks. I said happy -1 year anniversery to h2b this morning as he brought me breakfast in bed (he's being so good)... he gave me a very funny look... I think he's now worried that he was supposed to get me a card or something!
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
woo hoo for you!! i cant wait until mine is down to less than a year!! enjoy WOL 24/7 for next 3 weeks!! but seriously, hope ankle not too sore :thnk :wv
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
woo hoo for me! made it to mini wolly with that last message!! thank you xx
shattered Posts: 322
Congrats on mini-wolliness! Ankle isn't too bad - occasional pain but mostly just irritating and itchy. I was on holidays, and walking back to the apartment after a glass of wine too many... and just tripped... be warned anyone who's heading off soon!
coolkat Posts: 194
Snap! I'm getting married one year from today also :o)ll And I'm off sick from work with a stomach bug. Lets hope this day next year we're both in better form
shattered Posts: 322
Oh I hope so Coolkat... if we're both stuck in bed this time next year again it will not be a good state of the world! Are you sending out save the dates? We decided against the expense, and are going for the highly un-etiquette save the date e-mails instead, directly people towards our wedding website. Think I'll send them tomorrow.
dibbles Posts: 749
snap... me too!!!oh cant wait like!!!