Only 5 foot!Where can I buy petite wedding dress?

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bubblybride Posts: 3
Anyone any ideas for where I could get my hands on petite wedding dresses as I'm five foot nuthin'?! Thanks!
Fleur Posts: 569
I'm just under 5ft and I got a regular dress, most shops do them to fit your size regardless. I got an Augusta Jones dress but I tried all sorts on.
karend Posts: 43
I own abridal shop and although some dresses can only be ordered in a standard length which then has to be altered when it arrives to fit the bride, some designers do now offer an special length service for an additional fee (from £25 stg upwards) and this is particularly helpful in dresses with detail along hem at front as if we have to alter this - you may lose detail. My advice would be to ring bridal shops in your area and ask if the designers they stock offer this service. I am based in North so if you are local to me just email me for details on designs/prices. Good luck! [email protected]
bubblybride Posts: 3
Thanks a mill for your help, you've given me some good ideas - cheers!
dee05 Posts: 380
Hey, I got mine in Patricia's bridal Boutique in Newcastlewest. I'm only 5 ft 1 they will fit it to your size and height... I picked White rose.. my shoes have a really small heal so Thet'll have to take loads of the bottom... Good luck
lawchick Posts: 30
Buy a communion one. Much cheaper. :wink: For my communion I nearly had to buy a wedding dress I was so big. By the time the communion came round the dress was verging on indecent.
MrsSan Posts: 475
I'm 5ft 0 and I just bought a regular dress which was altered to size. Dee - I also went for White Rose.
curlybride Posts: 86
I'm 5ft 1, but got some good advice from a bridal shop in dublin- I have a small frame and am short from my chest to my waist. I was looking at dresses with a bodice and skirt and the attendant advised to get something with a short bodice that cuts above the hips. It looks much better, because I looked compeletly swamped in other dresses, they weren't flattering at all! Just go to normal shops and try on loads of dresses. I eventually got a dress off the rack on sale that just needs to be taken up. Lucky!
MrsSan Posts: 475
Yes, I agree with curlybride about the short bodice, I bought a dress (all in one) but the bodice part is short which makes me look at bit taller. Empire line is also very flattering and really does make you look taller and it starts from just below your bust, I just couldn't find a dress I liked in the empire line but I usually go for this when i'm buying dresses.
jill06 Posts: 87
which white rose dress did the two of you go for???