Only 5 weeks to go and lost all motivation

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wasy Posts: 453
Help! Only 5 weeks to go before I leave for my beach wedding joing WW in Oct and have lost stone nd a half nice nd slowly nd kept it off but just as I should be totally strict nd careful for the final push I am eating like a pig take aways every wknd all kinds of goodies not tracking drinking like a fish Agh Help Also have dress fitting on Monday totally dreading it although if that dont stop me eating nothing will
sue27 Posts: 604
Come on, focus! Imagine yourself in 5 weeks, all fit and healthy and fabulous looking! you need to get yourself in the right frame of mind again, so get rid of the rubbish in the house, go for a walk and think positive. you can do this! :o)ll
sandy13 Posts: 939
ha wasy, firstly crongrats on your upcoming wedding and your weight loss you should be proud you lost that much weight, i would say just take a deep breath and think how much this wedding means to you and what you have done so far just cut out all the junk food from now untill the wedding and get as much walking as you can because when your out in the sun getting married you will be gald you buckled up 5 weeks before your wedding, just remember one thing it take us a while to loose weight but will go back on twice as fast. take care sandy
starz Posts: 110
Dont lose heart now you will totally regret it... Its not too late to restart and get the motivation back that you had before. Think of the fab feeling when u started losing weight and how great it made you feel.... Just a few more weeks and you wont regret it :wv
wasy Posts: 453
Thanks girlies, went off and did a proper shop and dragged my sorry ass to the gym and came back feeling sweaty but fab, gonna feel the burn and get fab for my wedding Yay you're all lovely :thnk