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? Posts: 610
Aren't theses fab? Has anyone tried on Vera Wang shoes before? Wonder if they are available in BT or anywhere else in Ireland? I'm actually hoping to find something exactly like this in scarlet red. Could you bring yourself to dye a pair of shoes that cost nearly 300euro?! [img:11b6x0hz][/img:11b6x0hz]
Glan Posts: 199
Oooooooh love these shoes - dunno if i'd dye them though :shock:
05bride Posts: 314
Those shoes look fab. I think I could dye them yes. Afterall if you are spending that kind of money on them in the first place you would like to be able to wear them more than just once. You should check out how well the dye will take on the fabric though, just in case they end up pink!
? Posts: 610
Would be so nevrous about getting them dyed. I had to get straps taken off a brand new pair of satin peek toe shoes lately, and they looked like they were hacked off with a chisle! The guys in the shoe repair place didn't see a problem with how they looked! Then again there are probably more specific places to get shoes dyed who woul take responsibility for they're workmanship.
honeyB2b Posts: 38
Those shoes are fab. I would love them in a deep red.
? Posts: 610
Doh, made a mistake, they are not available in my size :( But if any of you are a 4.5 irish size they still have them in that size at Was just about to fish out the credit card :( If anyone spots something close to these of equal quality I'd be very grateful for a heads up. Ta.
Glan Posts: 199
Just saw an other thread - (Vera Wang Brown Thomas) Moniker says a girl she knows works in Vera Wang & there will be getting shoes in stock in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed, loved those shows but unfortunately a size 6.
Misty Posts: 28
Hi boo-boo I've been searching heigh and low for scarlet red wedding shoes without any luck :( :( If you don't mind me asking is your dress Scarlet red also??? Misty
? Posts: 610
Hi Misty, my dress is ivory and red. My red is richer than it looks in pics. Yes, I'm finding it very hard to find red satin / silk shoes in the style I want too. This link will hopefully show it to you my dress :) Having probs with showing photos on here lately for some reason.
rosaug06 Posts: 165
Boo-Boo, How about instead of scarlett shoes, you could get scarlett beading, clips/flower (like the design on your dress) and have them attached/sewn to a pair of ivory shoes? Just a thought... :D