Opening a bank account for a child?

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vitamin1 Posts: 565
Hi there Just wondering if anyone could help me my friends son he is 14 is looking to open a bank account/post office account he has been helping my husband with some work around the house and still has every penny we have given him his mum has been going through alot lately so said i would check into it . thanks for any help :wv
theoracle Posts: 7664
Hope this is some help. maybe just give them a call, I think an post also do a junior account type thing.
vitamin1 Posts: 565
Thank hu101 will check it out now :wv
padele Posts: 208
All banks have accounts for young kids/ 2nd level students. The child has to provide id and if not possible an adult (does not have to be a parent/guardian) can provide his/her own id and confirm the childs details to be true. HTH