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sept07 Posts: 59
Does anyone know if this shop is open yet?? I just rang directory enquries and they had no record for them!! :eek
MrsCabbage Posts: 39
Hi Sept 07, In reply to your query, I was in contact with Aoife from Ohelia Bridal (23/01/07) and she said they are not opened yet! They will be open in the next few weeks and she is going to contact me then. She also directed me to their website but I tried it and nothing is coming up!
pipette Posts: 16
Hi, Website is up and running - just checked! The dresses really look beautiful! Am thinking of booking a visit myself! Pip
mrscuddles Posts: 92
just wondering if anyone has been here yet? we went to look at bm dresses, she didnt have a big selection but then shes only open two weeks or something. 395euros for a bm dresses is a little steep for my liking though! the bridal dresses are stunning.