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Trooper Posts: 2155
Ok, so my dilema was this; My niece C was born on my 18th birthday. She's the eldest grandchild in my family (4 girls, 1 boy). I have 2 sisters. I am one of these saps who just adores my nieces and nephew, and so was keen to involve all of them in wedding... Me and c have a real bond, and because she'll be 10 when i get married i thought she would be too old to be FG. I only ever wanted 2 BMs so she had to be one. My 2 sisters are happy enough just having their kids involved. This meant i needed someone else of a similar age to be my other BM and so i asked my littlest cousin, who will be 15 on the day. The other 3 girls (7, 6 and 3) will be FGs. Brilliant! Only finding a dress pattern for the BMs (my mum is making them - she's fab) has been a nightmare. I didn't fancy the usual wider straps, a-line etc (some of the patterns for junior BMs are RARE) and wanted something a bit unusual and funky, but not too baby-ish or sexy. So i found this style (ignore the bride, it's the shorter one i'm thinking of). We bought a different pattern (for younger girls) for the top, and mum says she can wing it with the skirt. I reckon the sash may be cream (like my dress) but the body of the dress will be jade greeny-blue. Not doing the lace, as my dress has brocade and it might not match too well, so the top will just be one material. The skirt will be the same material, but i may do a chiffon overskirt thing. What do you think? [img:2r7if9zw]http://img.sewingtoday.com/cat/20000/itm_img/V2892.jpg[/img:2r7if9zw]
briongloid Posts: 29
I think I know what you mean. The pic on the right without the lace in all the same material. I think that could be nice!
Trooper Posts: 2155
Yup, that's pretty much it. The fabric is the type that turns a different colour when you fold it (greens and blues) so the sash may need to be blue or something.
Peggy Sue Posts: 638
I think that style will suit a yonger bm. The skirt is great, they'll have loads of fun swirling round the dance floor. Not too sure about having the sash in cream tho, but you'll know yourself when you match is against the material.
Princess consuela Posts: 1480
I think it sounds lovely but agree with Peggy Sue about the cream i think it might clash too much, but im sure you will just get a few sample materials and see what they are like together. I think the design is perfect for 10 -15 year olds not too grown up but not babyish at all as some of the Jnr bridesmaids dresses are like flowergirl dresses
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
It looks beautiful and really unusual, I think it is a lovely idea and should suit the younger bridesmaids no problem. Colour sounds lovely too.
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
The style is lovely & not too formal, which would be perfect for young girls. Lovely!
snowwhite Posts: 1034
i think it sounds lovely trooper,fair play to your mam it must make things so much easier for you.
winterprincess Posts: 64
I like it. Its really diffferent and would suit younger bridemaids. I have to agree with you about dresses for younger bridesmaids, the selection out there is either inappropriate or not flattering. i think yours are lovely.
Trooper Posts: 2155
Thanks girls. Of all who voted, most seem to like it, which is good. It's hard knowing what to think when you don't have something in reality to compare it to. My mum is a godsend. She isn't a professional dressmaker or anything (she was a teacher) but she's really good and has made some show-stopping formal dresses for me in the past.