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candypants Posts: 8575
Hi girls, after months of debating about a girls name (decided on boys) we have come up with one we agree on...............FINALLY. I was just wondering what your opinion on it is. It's Lacey? While i do really like it, i dont love it, but there hasnt been one single girls name i do love so thinking we may settle for this, what you think?
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
I think its nice... depends on the surname. It kind of American but nice!
Muse Posts: 1580
I like it. I've never come across it before (other than Lacey Turner) so I think it's a nice choice. I don't really think of it as American, as the last poster said. It's SO hard choosing a name!!
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
Its cute :) There was loadsa suggestions in the other thread you put up :) and you have finally come up with one you like. Though if you are not overly mad on it, try not to think of any other names, every so often say the name Lacey to yourself and see if it grows on you.
mrswhits Posts: 277
Lacey is really pretty Candypants, does it go well with your dd name and surname? We're back to the drawing board on names, still can't agree or decide on what to call our baby dd!! What do you think of Brea? FH not mad on it but I think it's really pretty and different, why is name picking so hard!
zoey Posts: 1574
To be totally honest, I'm not mad about it. Am I right that you were thinking of Heidi earlier on - I think that's much nicer. Sorry - I'm not any help to you at all :-8 :-8
mrsnearlythere Posts: 474
I think it is lovely and only that I really want to go with an Irish name it would be one I consider! Pretty, and unusual too but not a made up name (as my Mum calls them!) x
ticketyboo Posts: 625
its very nice. sounds very pretty
babybaby2011 Posts: 124
I'm not crazy about it Candypants tbh, sorry :-8
MeSB Posts: 3785