Opinions about food - Sheraton Athlone???

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emalou Posts: 30
Hi, We are really close to booking with the Sheration in Athlone and are wondering from people who have had or attended weddings there what is the food like? From the menus it seems kind of 'fancy'. It is nice? Any complaints? Its there plenty of it? I'm worried that my guests wont like it as most of our families are very simple meat and 2 veg people. Any opinions would be much appreciated :)x
Buzzelle Posts: 65
Hi Emalou, I have been to a wedding in the Sheraton and I thought the food was fab. I've also been there on weekends away and as a group booking, and I have to say there was no complaints about the food.
CasualBride Posts: 574
I was at a wedding last year there - I don't remember it being particularly fancy but I get what you're saying if your guests like plain food, you wouldn't want to risk it. I wasn't paying massive attention to it, but I know it was very nice, and I don't feel like there was anything outstanding or fanciful about it, if that helps!!
emalou Posts: 30
Thank you CasualBride and Buzzelle :) I really appreciate your reply's :) As long as there is plenty of potatoes etc I think our families will be happy enough :yelrotflmaosmilie: x
CasualBride Posts: 574
Now that is one thing I DO remember - there was heaps of food, way too much, in fact!! But the other thing I would say is that I know the bride had chosen fish & chip cones for the evening buffet and there was no sign of them.. I think it was just the usual sausages and sandwiches.. she didn't care on the night, but still..