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jessie10 Posts: 204
Hi ladies we're just finalising our menu finalising and i would love your opinions please :-) Starter : chicken and mushroom vol au vont (fancy white wine sauce its delicious) Cream of veg soup choice of salmon or turkey and ham \ veg option baked Alaska is dessert tea and coffee bickies I have tried to appeal to everyone with the choice of main! I loved the sea bass but its am extra 1200 if i go with it? I would love your opinions ladies many thanks :-)
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I;d be perfectly happy with that menu if i was a guest. don't think you need to spend the extra 1200 to offer sea bass
grazia Posts: 740
sounds lovely - id be happy to see that in front of me at a wedding. I woul prob choose the salmon as i ususally go with the fish option as it lighter.
jessie10 Posts: 204
Thank you so much for the reply grazia! I just don't want to hear people giving out about the menu!! Ive been to weddings and heard people giving out about the menu and i think its just so rude as people put alot of time and effort into their menus!! Thanks again for replying :thnk
Kickasswife Posts: 4051
I think it sounds lovely....anyway it's your day don't forget,have a cup of tea... :lvs
thrilledskinny Posts: 146
Sounds yummy...................... no complaints if I was a guest! Go for it! :o)ll
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Hi Jessie, That menu sounds yum, I'd be more than happy with it! Sure you can have your sea bass at the top table without paying 1200 to improve a perfectly good menu!
miss shimmer Posts: 453
Thats made me quite hungry now, Id be very happy with that menu
Synergy Posts: 2768
Hi Jessie, I'm going for almost the same menu as you so delighted that it's getting positive feedback!
vulgarpicture Posts: 571
I'd be perfectly happy with that, it's a lovely menu! If I hear guests moaning bout my menu I'll send them out to mcdonalds, ungrateful feckers! >:o)