Opinions on '8 Boys & Wanting a Girl' on More 4

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Mooches Posts: 875
I saw this programme last night and I didn't know what to make of it. It was basically a documentary about different families who had 4, 5 and even 8 boys and the mums were all desperate for a baby girl. Some tried to naturally sway things to get their girl and others went so far as to have gender selection treatment (very expensive and similar to IVF but they 'disgard' all male embryos). In places I found it very sad and upsetting to watch. I could understand how the women would like to experience raising a daughter but I couldn't get my head round parts of it. One lady refused to marry her partner until he 'gave her a girl' :eek and another lady was due her fifth (and last) baby and actually cried when she was told she was carrying a beautiful healthy baby boy! :o( I got really mad at that part and moreso at the bit when one of the women equated her experience of not having a girl with not being able to have children full stop. There they all were with their beautiful healthy boys and they were depressed about it! I just thought it was very sad. People ask me whether I'd prefer a boy or a girl (first pregnancy) and I honestly say that I really don't mind so long as the baby is happy and healthy. I don't know if this will ever change with me but I'd love to hear your opinions on this. :wv
milis Posts: 7998
I didn't watch the programme, but from reading the title I was going to say that I think we have gotten very judgemental of people as a society, and are very quick to tell people what they should and shouldn't want and how grateful they should be for what they have.... BUT after reading some of what you wrote about it, I'm happy to judge them! Those people should be shown real suffering, and made to live with real heartache in their lives... now that would make a good programme! It's like they live in a selfish little bubble and can't see the world around them. I can understand WANTING a girl or WANTING a boy... I just can't understand the disappointment at getting a beautiful little baby after carrying him for 9 months ;o(
MrsBuck Posts: 846
Oh my god i saw this last night and couldn't believe it. OH was so disgusted that he went into the other room half way through. I couldn't believe when that woman burst into tears when she heard she was having another boy - It was dispicable.
marles Posts: 1397
That show was on tv ages ago as well,and to be honest I thought that some of the ladies were extreme. As mentioned above the lady who cried when she was told she was having a boy was very hard to watch,imagine you were years trying for a baby and this woman is horrified that she is having another child and its a boy. I think everybody should be very thankful for the child or children they have. This is our first pregnancy and I really don't mind if I have a boy or girl,my dh has only one brother so he would love a little girl,I know he will love this baby no matter what it is :lvs
lannah Posts: 574
I would have preferred a girl but happy its a healthy baby boy. I can't believe people would knowingly try to conceive a child without thinking that they would be happy if it was either (but obviously having a preference for one). I keep thinking imagine if it was your mum and how the poor child will feel in a few years time if he hears about/watches the programme?
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Ok I watched this programme too and to be honest I empathise with some of those woman. They longed for a girl but it wasn't like they were neglecting their boys and by all accounts all the boys seemed well and happy etc. You say they should be happy that they had any children at all and to look at those who want kids and who can't or are having trouble ttc and I can understand that (took us 18mths to get pg) but for those women it is like wanting a child and not having one. As much as some people want a child they want a girl. It's not like "oh we have 4 boys now so ya a girl would be nice" it's a complusion. They want a girl. I actually felt for the woman who was told she was carrying her 5th boy. Yes she cried, she was disappointed but she herself said she'll get over it and she'll love the baby same as she loves the others. I honestly don't see the problem with it. If they were treating the boys like sh*te then ya I'd have huge issues but they aren't.
Lureal Posts: 455
Ghostchild I have to disagree, I saw this last night also and I was appalled at the carry on. A woman bawling, so upset after being told she was having a healthy child, I cannot fathom it. Yes I can understand after having a few of one sec hoping for another but never ever to that extent and it is is NO way similar to wanting a child and not being able to have one. Imagine when that baby she was carrying is older and I am sure he will see the documentary and see how upset his mother was to find out he was a boy. Imagine the emotional damage that will do to him.
pinkframe Posts: 628
I got quite upset actually watching this programme. I really felt so, so sad for that little boy that woman was carrying (the one on her fifth pregnancy). Imagine the hurt he will feel when he watches that back thinking how disappointed and heartbroken his mother was when she found out he was a boy? And my heart went out to the little chaps standing at the gate with their little hands in their mouths when she came back from the scan when she burst out crying at the kerb. They just knew by the look on her face it wasn’t “good” news...in that it was “another boy” - awful. I was shocked and saddened by it and then to hear the husband say “life hasn’t been easy around here since the scan”....?? Surely the other little boys pick up on the reason? I felt so upset watching it. My family is predominantly boys, my Mum had 6 boys and there is 11 years between me and my closest in age brother....my Mum said they thought “ah, we’ll have 1 more and if its another boy, it’ll be the 7th son + apparently lucky...but a girl would be really wonderful” – I also have 12 nephews + only 2 nieces...so the odds are stacked up for us to have a boy...but ya never know seeing as hubby will determine the sex...but rest assured this little baby will be our blessing + will be oh so cherished in blue or pink! If I’m being 100% honest, I’d love a little boy as I know I personally would be lost without my big brothers looking out for me...so as this is our first baby, a little boy would be nice as it would mean subsequent girls would have their big brother, but if this baba is a little girl....well – she has 12 boy cousins who will fight her corner for her no doubt! :o0
Marpat Posts: 1784
God this subject really infuriates me. I have two gorgeous boys. I'm expecting our little "surprise" in October and all i get is people sticking their crossed fingers into my face and saying things like "please God it will be a girl". I have people saying that they will say a prayer for a girl. Why??? I don't understand the preference for one or the other. I really don't. After my second son was born, I got "you'll have to go again for the girl". I lost 2 in between the two boys and all i know is that every child is a blessing.