opinions on a dress...please

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shauna09 Posts: 9
hello, ive been a regular reader here for ages, and am getting married (again!) next sep. I wore a traditional gown last time, but this time I'd love a linea raffaelli, maybe in a diff colour. anyway was in Bride 2 Be in dundalk this morning and seen the most amazing dresses, but the one I love is a bit unusual - its black and ivory... would anyone think this is unacceptable ? Ive posted a link (its one with roses and black skirt) and Id love your opinions. thanks
Belleboo Posts: 924
I love it, very unusual and elegant.
shauna09 Posts: 9
hi belleboo, thats what I think too, my mam and sister loves it, im just afraid people will say "what is she like ???"
Gabrielle Solis Posts: 197
I love it and think it would be fab.
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
[img:3ezkrfa6]http://www.bride2be.ie/images/linea/70657113.gif[/img:3ezkrfa6] Its certainly very different!! I love this designer and I reckon if you can pull it off then go for it!!!
Briony Posts: 185
I tried this on. It's beautiful - I really liked it. I've ended up going for something quite similar but stuck with just ivory. The two colours really make it.
she Posts: 3298
shauna09 Posts: 9
thanks for that girls, I really love the dress and think I'm gonna go for it on sat as theres 10% off and you know yourself, every penny counts, thanks again
julybridezilla Posts: 158
dress is fab! go for it x
decbride08 Posts: 481
Dress is sooo gorge go for it!!