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xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
Hey Ladies, and any gents. Planning our ceremony as we're meeting registrar tomorrow morning - woo hoo. So the thing that was killing me was the music. Think we have 99.9% decided against live music as a) it was so expensive for a short civil ceremony and b) i wanted to play not so mushy stuff and realised that the songs i liked would be rubbish without the full backing music. So we are going to play the music off CD through the PA system. Would be grateful for your opinions on our choices - of course i say "our" but h2b has taken a back seat in this department and its pretty much up to me. He loves the music i came up with but i'm so fecking particular i've changed my mind about 17 time now and realise i need an impartial view point - i wont be offended at any negative comments but would love suggestions if you dont like the music My entrance: Galileo by Declan O'Roarke Between 2 readings: Feels like home by chantal kreviazuk Signing the register: One Day like this by Elbow Exit: All you need is love by the Beatles Like that all but feel like home have a orchestral sound and think it ties them together. I had intended to use female singers for ceremony music as we're having an all male band but some female stuff is far too soppy and seems i just like voices and song better
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
We have the same taste! Our first dance song is Galileo and we just decided on Elbow last night for signing the register!! I absolutely love that song, its so incredibly uplifting. I think it will be just gorgeous for signing the register - as long as I don't start crying, which I was while listening to it yesterday :-8 Great choices!
atlast2010 Posts: 444
I think that sounds lovely and really personal for you civil ceremony. I love feels like home especially. you'll have them all buzzing on romance coming out of the ceremony :xox
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
Funny how you think you’re being original and actually you’re not but i love the songs and makes me feel reassured that i’m not proposing outlandish music that people will think i’m a freak! So b2b be are you going to have a second signing of the registrar song? You know the way they sometimes take loads of pictures when that is happening...though I’d prefer that didn’t happen so i might have a word to photographer so as not to prolong this so i’d only need one! What other music you planning for the ceremony? Are you having someone sing or just CD?
tiggeriffic Posts: 547
Sounds good to me. We're going looking at the same things soon ourselves. Also having civil. Who's manning the CD player for you? We've kind of decided on a CD too, a family member would have done it if it was in a church but he wouldn't really know any of the songs we might want. Have visions of the CD stalling though! You could maybe have some "background" music on it in case any of the songs end before you're ready...e.g. when signing the register....ETA You've just hit on that bove!
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
I was thinking of having Canon in D for walking up the aisle, which is highly unoriginal but its a beautiful piece of music. I was thinking the same as you with regard to signing the register - ideally we'd sign it, get a couple of photos and be walking down the aisle as the song reaches the chorus - we'll have the long version of the song, with the additional verse - I think its more than six minutes that way. We'll probably be cutting it fine but I don't really want to have a second song for walking out. We're just going to have a CD - I couldn't justify paying a live musician/singer for a short civil ceremony.
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
the ceremony venue talked about manning the cd for us before....would have to check into it more. the registrar documentation stated that someone from the hotel would have to be in the room while the ceremony was taking place so i assume this wouldn't be a problem. b2b love the extended version too so would definately be having that so should be ample time for photos while thats happening and then hope regisrar will then present us as man and wife and then we knock on the next bit of music, ie the beetles, for the exit! am meeting her in the morning so will see if this ok. I love the end of elbow so would really like to keep that in rather than cutting it short. good idea tigger on having some instrumental on the cd just in case. b2b i was really torn on cannon d also and especially like the rock version but it might be just a tad to rock for the ceremony! i'll let ye know how i get on in the morning :o)ll :o)ll
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
ooooooh we've the same exit song so I personally LOVE your choices!!!!!!! :lvs :lvs