Opinions on Mamas& Papas 9 in 1 pram thingy?

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weddingdiva Posts: 1349
Hi I was in M&P's last week and saw there 9 in 1 systems, like the pram buggy, carseat, interchangeable systems, has anyone bought these are they good, do they cover everything you need, they were a bit pricey at a little over 1000 euro would i be better buying something else has anybody got any recommendations on good items to buy?
mrs2010 Posts: 326
Hi I bought the ultima on a recommendation. Having used it now for 8 months I think overall I wouldn't recommend it. I loved the pram, it's really fab in terms of space and comfort and can be used as a Moses basket once you buy the sleep safe mattress for €20. The stand is handy to use it for downstairs moses basket. However I HATE the carseat. In my opinion it's too upright when they are tiny and seems restrictive as they get bigger. Our lo never seemed comfortable in it. Weve moved her into A next stage rear facing seat and shes way ore content in it.It's also v heavy, they all are but this one more so. The maxi cosi is a much better buy and seems so much more comfortable. I've been using the buggy now for a good while and I also don't like it much. It's big and clunky to use and I literally can't fit another thing in the boot with it. You have to take it off the base to fold it which isn't ideal on your own as you end up putting thesest on the ground. The Quinny is the same for this but a better buggy I think. If you could get a deal on the bugaboo I think it's a better package and pushchair. Otherwise if you could buy the pram from the ultima second hand and buy a pushchair and maxi cost separately that's what I would do in hindsight. For the price of this system I think it hasn't kept pace with others and the only thing I would recommend happily is the pram part. Good luck with the purchase!
gniddew Posts: 276
i looked at this for my first lo but it wouldn't fit in the boot of my car. Its very big when folded. If i had my time again i would have bought a bugaboo. Hindsight is 20/20 vision as they say.