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2013superexcited Posts: 73
I hadn't considered Mount Carmel until doctor mentioned it. Does anyone have any experience of Mount Carmel? I had been thinking of Holles Street so now just looking into the two.
Coco M Posts: 145
I had my first baby in Mount Carmel in 2012. I can't praise the hospital highly enough. During my pregnancy I had a mini scan every time I saw my consultant in the final 12 weeks. Its standard to receive 3 scans- one at 12 weeks, one at 22 weeks and one at 36 weeks. I had a fantastic birth experience and was very well looked after. The food is amazing! I was semi-private so I had a bed in a 4 bed ward but I had the room to myself on the second night. The babies can spend the night in the nursery if you wish. I'm due my second baby next year and I'm going back to Mount Carmel. Having said that 4 of my friends had their babies in Holles Street and all of them were happy with their experiences too. Its a personal decision but for me it came down to the numbers. Mount Carmel don't have any where near the amount of births per year that Holles St has. Good luck with your choice and if you want any more info pm me!
2013superexcited Posts: 73
Sounds like you had a very positive birth experience. This is my first pregnancy so quite nervous! I really want to have a positive experience (who doesn't!). I worry that with holles street being so over stretched and busy as I've heard that they have quite a strict schedule as they have so many women giving birth. But on the other hand I think if anything goes wrong holles street has everything at hand.
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Is it true they have underwater speakers in the birthing pool that plays Enya?
Coco M Posts: 145
It actually plays pan pipes and whale sounds. but only if you request it in between your personalised massage treatments and holistic therapies. :o0 I know you're joking Weird Cat Lady but they don't have a birthing pool. Mount Carmel have a fully equipped special care baby unit (my dd was admitted for jaundice so we saw 2 premature babies being cared for) They can't facilitate any births before 26 weeks and in that case you'd be transferred to Holles Street (by stretch limo, according to Weird Cat Lady's theory!)
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
I was in Mt C for a gynae procedure and it was all very calm and the ward (4 bed) was lovely. Each ward has own bathroom so you never have to share with too many people. The food was nice and the patient to staff ratio is very good so the staff are not overstretched. I believe this can sometimes be an issue in the busier hospitals. I rang the bell and the nurse was there 2 seconds later, in other hospitals you could be waiting 20 mins! Personally, I would choose to go to Mt C for shared maternity care but this is won't be an option for me as I am getting fertility treatment and Mt C only accepts fertility patients if they go private. Two of my close friends have had their babies there and they highly recommend it, both had great help with breastfeeding and they both left the hospital with a spring in their step as the post-natal care is top notch and they mind the baby while you sleep. The scans are meant to be good too.
2013superexcited Posts: 73
Weird Cat Lady thats my birth plan right there! CocoM and Hbombadero thanks for the feedback. I'm so torn. Yesterday I was thinking definitely Holles Street and now I'm leaning towards Mount Carmel. Need to look at exactly how much the cost comes down too.
ructions Posts: 2689
MrsBing Posts: 14
I had my first in Mount Carmel 3 months ago. I was on the share care package and had a private room after delivery. I had a great experience with them. I was the only one in labour the night I went in and it was very relaxed atmosphere. As the other posters have said the nursery is great for catching up on sleep. The only downside for me was the nurses don't really leave you alone! I know in other hospital's its the opposite case but I literally had a nurse come in and talk to me when I was in the shower! :o0 They are lovely though and a great support. Will definitely go back again. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
2013superexcited Posts: 73
MrsBing I laughed out loud when I read about the shower! I'm going to get in contact with Mount Carmel. I just can't stop thinking about the fact that they don't have a nicu. I know relatives who have had babies in Mount Carmel but all I hear in my mind is what my parents always said about rotunda or holles street being the place to be if there's an emergency. Thanks for all the comments. I think I'm getting close to making a decision!