Opinions on my dress??!!

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springbride10 Posts: 65
What does everyone make of the dress I've picked? The model doesn't do it justice cos her hair is covering the straps. :o( Hope that works. [img]http://www.essensedesigns.com/dress.php?id=117
14082010 Posts: 2103
Cant see it :o(
springbride10 Posts: 65
Should work now! Slightly blonde when it comes to this image posting lark!
WeddingBelle2011 Posts: 503
That is drop dead gorgeous... u did well girlie!!!
springbride10 Posts: 65
I sure have tried it on Morrigin! Had another one in mind which was way more demure but once I tried this on, I just swaggered out of the dressing room. The material is SO soft, I'll be rubbing it all day!! Only about 6 weeks till it's in the shop so roll on November!!
Babyloco Posts: 964
Its really gorgeous-all the essence dresses are. Good choice!
miabella Posts: 212
FAB :lvs
kittypurry Posts: 897
beautiful dress :wv
milinda Posts: 785
Fab dress :o)ll
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
Oh wow that's fab!