Opinions on tanzanite rings?

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BestXmas Posts: 461
Anyone have a tanzanite ring? Hubby is treating me to an eternity ring and went looking at the weekend, after visiting a couple of jewellers I've decided that I don't want the traditional eternity ring and will be wearing it on my right hand rather than with the engagement/wedding rings. I adore the colour of the tanzanite rings and like how they will be collectors items in years to come. Just wondering if they are suitable for every day wear? Can anyone recommend any shops that do tanzanite rings as they aren't in every shop?
Daff Posts: 11644
I have one!!! We were on the Cayman Islands on honeymon and bought the stone there. Then a few years later we decided to get it set. My Mum passed away and I had her ER. It's hideous and she never wore it but Dad wouldn't let her get it reset. So I rang him and asked would it be ok now to use the diamonds and he said yes. So have her diamonds set with it in platinum. I :lvs it and get so many compliments. I also wear it on my right hand.
Daff Posts: 11644
mine is very similar to the one in the banner at the top of the page - top right hand corner of page.
DollyP Posts: 955
I was talking to a jeweller about this recently and he advised against setting tanzanite in a ring as its a really soft gemstone - I think be actually said it was one of the softest. I :lvs the darker colour ones and would love a pear tanzanite with a diamond halo but he really put me off. Best of luck with it!
moanna Posts: 1081
We went to south Africa for my 30th and oh bought me a tanzanite ring I was told that it is a soft stone and not suitable for everyday wear
blondelle58 Posts: 217
I bought a lovely Tanzanite ring in South Africa. It is definitely not for everyday wear as the stone very soft. I used to wear it for good wear only and there is two little hairline scratches on it. As a result i hardly ever wear it now for fear of damaging it more. Although i love the ring i sometimes regret spending the money on it as cant enjoy it when wearing it. It is a beautiful gemstone and the bluer the better when buying.
JanetJ1000 Posts: 1
I love Tanzanite too but I would say be careful of using it for an engagement/wedding/eternity ring. It is a little low on the Mohs scale and as such is a bit soft and scratches more easily than some other stones like Sapphire. I have a Tanzanite in my engagement ring and I absolutely love it but it does get badly scratched over time. I have had it repolished once with virtually no loss of weight but it looks like it needs another polish now. Admittedly I have had it for 10 years now but just something to consider if you are looking to put it into an "every day wear" ring. You may also want to do some research on Tanzanite quality as there is so much junk out there. I found this site - Lapigems (try Googling it) very interesting and informative, especially when trying to understand colors (there are so many color qualities and I wanted the best) Good luck with your search!
BestXmas Posts: 461
Thanks for all the replies, have had another look around and I really do love tanzanite out of all the coloured stones so not sure what to do now! Another bonus is the ring is being made which makes it even more unique! Decisions, decisions!