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123anon Posts: 21
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Its very different alright but I like it especially if you have the figure for it and perfect for a wedding abroad - go for it :o)ll
Twirl Posts: 5598
its defintely not weird and i think it will be lovely for your wedding in Italy. The neckline is lovely and its nicely fitted and once you love it then thats all that matters, you will look stunning. A friend of mine had something similar but it was all lace and it was lovely and elegant and yours will be too, its the shape of it :wv
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I couldn't wear it myself as I'm very big busted. That neckline wouldn't do me any favours. It is a nice dress though. The floral detail is very sweet.
doone Posts: 503
it is a nice dress and is a bit diff which is always good, only thing i would say is that the boobs don't look great in the picture :o0 maybe its just the fitting of the dress on the model, i think if you were heavy on top it would be very lattering ?? Only my opinion though ...
Jims Doll Posts: 356
Lovely dress. Bit different which is what ya want. and looks lovely and light weight perfect for the weather. If you havent your heart set on it my sister got married in Italy last year and she wore a gorgeous lightweight dress for it. If you want info on it just PM and i will give you the details of the dress and the stockist.
jdss Posts: 57
I think its fab, I love the shape and neckline.
123anon Posts: 21
Thanks girls, I think its the fact that its a little different that I love about it and the fact that its very feminine and girlie with the flowers. I agree that the models boobs look a bit strange and my chest didn't fit perfectly in it but with a little alteration I think it'll be perfect. I really wanted a dress to complement my new figure as I've lost a stone recently and would ideally love to loose another 7 pounds to be a slim size 10. I wouldn't normally be into the whole neck detail but there was something romantic and classy about the girls being under wraps!!! The back of the dress is quiet sexy because of the low back so I think I'm getting best of both worlds!
teachbride11 Posts: 46
Its beautiful :lvs :lvs :lvs Have this TM pict in my wedding dress scrap book that I took to all the bridal shops. Ended up getting a dress nothing like it in the end but it is very elegant and pretty. Love love love my dress too. :o)ll
cazzykins Posts: 89
I tried this dress on and it was absolutely stunning on. It would be a great choice for a wedding abroad. :heartbeat: