Opinions please on Wedding Bands?

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Married2010 Posts: 372
Hi all, H2b and i went to the jeweller that we bought engagement ring from today and we tried on a few. he tried on one that is white gold and costs €450, the one i found went very well with my engagement ring was yellow gold and has a row of small diamonds on the top of the band and costs €785. is this the average as i looked at the rest they ranged between €300 to€550 for himself and around €400 to €1000 for me? Any thoughts on this?
14082010 Posts: 2103
When i thought of looking for wedding bands i never thought they would cost so much :eek :eek I really cant believe how much they cost, it is crazy O:| I have an unusual cut engagement ring so i have to get one custom made and i am blown back with how much they will cost me :ooh , I thought id walk in to a jewellers and pick one up for say 2oo or 3oo euros, how nieve am i :o0 :o0
Asics Posts: 1935
Not sure where your based but it could be worth your while to travel here iam in the same boat have to get my ring made to fit priced it down here & was in shock at the quotes I was getting :eek i e-mailed Fallers with a pic of my e ring & they sent me back a few pic's & quotes of different rings they could make, im gonna save over €1000 as iam getting my wedding band & eternity ring made at the same time so I don't have to be apart from my engagement ring twice iykwim but there definatly well worth a look :wv
babydays Posts: 708
Have to second Fallers in Derry, we got our rings there. Very nice staff and the prices are a fraction of what I was quoted down here. I spoke to them before we went up and they asked what colour etc my diamond was and they had diamond set bands to match ready for me. One of the best experiences of planning this wedding!