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superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
hi girls just a quick question..... went out for a few drinks the other night and met with a few friends, one of my friends friends got a bit pi**ed ( i met this girl once b4 this night). this girl turns around to me and says to me" please dont take this the wrong way but i couldnt believe you were the same girl i met b4" i looked at her and asked what she meant.... she said "its amazing what difference a bit of make up and your hair done makes"!! i got such a shock i didnt no what to say!! now i work in an industry where i can not wear makeup to work, and to be quiet honest its my decision to wear it or not wear it, but she had the check to blatently tell me i look like a bag of sh*te witout makeup. now im all self concious thin king oh i must just pop down to the shop normally i wouldnt bother with make up for this but now im like maybe i should!!!! sorry for the rant girls just wanted to see would anyone else feel abit annoyed at these comments???? thanks a mill :thnk
milis Posts: 7998
A bit Off Topic I think..... :o0 But anyway, she sounds like a bitch, and probably thinks that she paid you a compliment, in her own round about way. Personally, I would stay out of her way and talk to normal people when you are out from now on -tactless people like that will only rile you! If you wear make up all the time people don't notice when you make a special effort.
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
thanks milis i n=know off topic but i knew people would reply here :-8 just wanted to make sure i was "normal" feeling this way about it!!! thanks a mill oh and i know ill prob very rarely see this girl again people with such shallow minds who judge people by the way they look wreck my head....like the 1st day she met me she didnt speak to me whereas when i was dolled up she was all over me....what a MUPPET!!!! O:|
milis Posts: 7998
people reply in OT too, really! I don't know why people are so afraid of it :o0
moyra-smyth Posts: 511
oh my god...what an idiot!! If somebody said that to me id be fairly annoyed but i definitely wouldnt take it too seriously.
ela28 Posts: 2552
hiya,I would be very annoyed also,she must just be a total b*t*h to turn around and say something like that to you but I wouldn't let it get to you too much,the only reason I can think for someone to turn around and say what she said is that she is jealous of you so try not to take it too much to heart,some girls are like that if they think someone is very pretty and are jealous,they will say stuff to put that person down,so I'm guessing that's probably what her problem was,don't let one girls bitchy comment knock your confidence or make you feel uncomfortable about not wearing makeup,take what she said as a compliment because it actually is in a strange way :xox
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
aww thanks girls thats sweet.... i know its gone out of my head now due to comments from "NICE" girls!!!! O:o) thanks a mill :thnk
ela28 Posts: 2552
[quote="anon10":1gehmakc]aww thanks girls thats sweet.... i know its gone out of my head now due to comments from "NICE" girls!!!! O:o) thanks a mill :thnk[/quote:1gehmakc] glad to hear it's gone out of your head,in fairness anyone would have been annoyed at first but don't let it get to you *)
early days Posts: 691
I get that a bit too. Like you, cant wear makeup to work and love it cos it saves time getting out of the house in the morning! Not to mention having to take it all off in the evening.....I dont bother putting any on unless I'm going out and then I do get people commenting on it when I do. It doesnt bother me much as I know it's true :o0 But there are nice ways of saying it and she wasnt very tactful. I wouldnt worry about it as she's obviously not a close friend anyway.
shoegals Posts: 1640
You should've said well all your make-up and hair styling is pretty much in vain if you're so hammered you let yourself look ugly. She must been wearing those beer goggles thinking she's a model herself. Silly cow, ignore her you don't have to explain your work situation or dress choices to anyone, bloody cheek O:|