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fxfor3 Posts: 2347
just wondering what you think of the name phoebe ?dh and i love it but a few close family members have really annoyed me by saying they wont be refering to baby as phoebe as the think its horrible name. I would like honest opinions please i wont be offended. Sorry for rambling on :-)
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Honestly I think it's very cute & unique! If u & dh are happy with it then that's all that matters imo
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Hi I think Phoebe is a gorgeous name and if you both like, you should go ahead and use it. How dare those people say they dont like it so wont refer to the baby by its name! Some people >:o(
coconut Posts: 2183
I think it is a lovely name and the bloody cheek of them saying that!
newyorkbaby Posts: 353
garfield i love it i thinks its so cute. dont mind what anyone else says it'll grow on them. but once u and dh are happy with i'd go with it. i just keep telling people i keep changing my mind cause i dont want to hear their opinions.
milis Posts: 7998
Some of your close family members need a kick up the bum ;o( I think it's a lovely name, and it will grow on people. I didn't like one of the names my SIL picked, but I think it really suits the child now, and never think about not liking it initially! I'm telling noone our names, I don't want their opinions :o0
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
Garfield - i love Phoebe - it's so cute. If you love it, don't mind them - stick with it! Milis, I'm not telling family our name either - don't want any snide comments.
blinginhappy Posts: 1356
I love that name! Don't mind what your family think of it, as long as you and DH are happy with it that is all that matters. Have to agree with Milis though, we're not saying our names to anyone. Much to his mothers annoyance at the weekend when I said she'd find out in January :o0
Gingham Posts: 3014
its a really nice name.... Whats important is you like it....who cares what anyone else thinks....go for it..
twinkle2 Posts: 188
I really do like the name. I think that is rude for people to say they wont refer to her name! Seriously though do not tell family or even friends names you are thinking of. My DD would have been a different name if it wasnt for my dad giving comments and a close friend. I learnt that time and havent told him names this time round.