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sunflower175 Posts: 181
Just wondering if you of you have seen either Mr Majestic (donegal) or Dan O'Donoghue in action?? We are hoping to have a magician at our weddin and both of these are the most affordable but have never seen either of them. Want to book one asap so please if anyone has any feedback i would really appreciate it SF xx
Aili Posts: 36
We booked Carl Campbell he's based in Dublin but I know he travels. Pm me if you want his number O-O
sunflower175 Posts: 181
Hey Aili, Thanks a mill for your reply. I got a quote off Carl and he would be twice as expensive as the others to bring to Donegal! On a very tight budget so trying to get the best value we can but didnt want to go with someone cheap if they werent great either! Would rather just do without. Thanks again :wv