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Chubbums Posts: 699
Hi girls, I'm due our first baby on June 14th and DH has been informed by work that he will possibly have training in the UK in the last week of May. He just phoned me to see should he tell them he can't do it or just go ahead? I didn't know what to tell him....I just said that babs will arrive when babs wants! My Mam was two weeks early on all of us (I dunno if this even means anything :-8 ) and my sis was bang on time but I'm kinda hoping he won't go on the training cuz I'd like him to be here if I do go into labour. I'm due to finish work May 31st which will be the last day of his training. I know it's only the UK (London) but I'd just hate for him to miss the birth of our first child. I couldn't really chat to him bout it properly as I'm in work but just wanted advice/opinions/thoughts before we chat about it later. Thanks ladies :thnk
gopro Posts: 1801
pearlbaby had a post up in jan bout her hubby goin on a stag wen she wud b 39 weeks he decided not to go cause it was in Newcastle . her baby was done d weekend her hubby sud of bn away it's so hard to know what to do
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
really tough one as the chances of you having the baby that week are slim but then it's only work so i think i'd tell them no. you'll probably go 2 weeks over in the end but better safe than sorry!
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
i'm in the position that my DH works over in the UK & is over there at the moment & today is my due date :eek Once i go into labour he's going to get a flight home but there is every chance that he will miss the birth depending on how fast my labour is :weep Its a horrible situation to be in & we both are very anxious about it. If i were you i'd ask your OH not to go, i know there's every chance you'll go over being your first but then there's every chance that you could go early too & you'll have enough to be thinking about while you're in labour than trying to get your OH home aswell :wv
happilywed Posts: 638
im kind of in the same position hubby has opportunity to travel to canada for 3 weeks which i know he would love to do ...but when he brought it up i said it better not be closer than 2 weeks before my due date because of the distance ..felt a bit bad saying it but at the same time i would be so upset going through birth without him dot cotton just wanted to say congrats on your due date arriving ..hope hubby gets back in plenty of time :thnk
ohsotired Posts: 7071
If it was me I would prefer for him not to go - yes it is only across the pond but I really would prefer if my DH can be at the birth! People's circumstances differ and there really is no right answer but if it was me I would definitely prefer he didn't go!
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I would be saying for him not to go but it's easy to say that without knowing all the facts. Would it cause a lot of hassle if he didn't? Could it affect future promotion etc? I went a week early on DS and was in a hospital a few days before I went into labour. There is just now way of knowing not only when your babs will be born but also how you be feeling at that time.
elpi Posts: 748
I'd probably be asking my DH not to go. Even though the likelihood that you wouldn't have the baby while he was gone, of course it would happen that way!! Well it would with me anyway! On saying that, 2 of my friends have had babies recently and both are married to pilots and both were away when they went into labour and both got home in time for the birth so if he was in a position to travel home straight away if anything happened it would probably be ok. But if it was me and on a first pregnancy I wouldn't want the hassle of worrying about it so I'd just tell him not to go. Sorry I haven't been any help to you whatsoever have I :o0
DM09 Posts: 261
If he can get out of it easy, perhaps he should be asked to be excused as the stress of worring that you'll go into labour may not be good for you. However, on your first, you will probably go over your due-date. Also, there's a good chance your labour will be long enough that he'd get back from the UK in time even if you did go into labour.
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
[quote="happilywed":32hu1gjx] dot cotton just wanted to say congrats on your due date arriving ..hope hubby gets back in plenty of time :thnk[/quote:32hu1gjx] Thanks happilywed! Can't believe how fast its come around :eek Hope you're pregnancy is going well for you? Had big chat with DH last night & he's decided to take his paternity leave from this Friday so unless we're unlucky enough that i'll go into labour before then, he'll be home for it - so relieved :o)ll What did you both decide Chubbums??