opk and dtd

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sunnyside Posts: 3164
What is the recommended babydancing instructions when you get a positive opk. I got a positive on saturday and sunday (kept testing after the first positive as I'm trying to get to know my cycle a bit better). Therefore I'm assuming ovulation is today. Anyway dtd yesterday but DH is away tonight so is there no point dtd after that, i.e. tomorrow, in terms of ttc? I know there's always a point dtd otherwise! :o0
MrsMoojez Posts: 374
sunnyside- watch your CM as this will be the most important indicator. I got a + on an OPK on a Saturday and had EWCM until the following Wednesday. When I read up on it- it said that your body produces LH that OPKs detect before you ovulate. However, your body may not be ready to ovulate straigh away so your CM is important to watch. If you get any EWCM tomorrow or a few days later, then take that as your PK day HTH Nic
Blackbird Posts: 5135
I've been usin OPKs since last Thursday, day 12. Still no positive, although had cm Thursday to Saturday so have been DTD anyway, just in case. It's a bit confusing, as today is day 16 so, going on previous months charting, I should have got a positive on the OPK on day 14 or 15. I was on antibiotics this month so I'm worried that's affecting it. I'm so convinced that it's not going to work this month that I already stocked up on more OPKs and a thermometer this time as well. I know I should be more positive but at least I'll be prepared if it doesn't work this month again.