OPKs - how reliable?

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can\'touchthis Posts: 181
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Sarah, it does seem early. I only used the clearblue ones though so can't help here I'm afraid. Though I remember with the clearblue ones they said to start on day 12 I think. I remember the first month using them, I tested on the thursday I think but didn't get the green light till the Monday! So the following month I just tested later. As far as I know, you ovulate 14 days before AF which would mean day 14 for you. Are you sure you got a positive? Sorry, I'm not much help here :-8
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I O on day 8 or day 9 depending so not too early necessarily but what lenght is your cycle normally. Mine is 25 days
sally Posts: 1140
Just wondering was that your first test..... its just some people have high LH levels and always test positive.... maybe test tommorrow just to see what result you get. I use them with temping and that way I know Ive ovulated once the temp rises.
can\'touchthis Posts: 181
Thanks Girls, Curiouser and curiouser. Just tested for the second day in a row ( holding my wee in for the last 4hours!) & its +ve again. Don't know what to think. I've used a different brand before & only ever got a +ve on one day. Perhaps first response are more sensitive or something. Sx
sally Posts: 1140
Dont want to alarm you but some people with PCOS test pos all the time on OPKs as they have high LH levels..... but if this didnt happen with the other test maybe the first response is very sensitive... maybe test again tommorrow.... it might just be carryover today from yesterdays surge. Im not an expert by any means so dont get worried... its just something I read somewhere