OPKs yes or no

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gogogirl Posts: 1071
Hi Ladies, was just wondering how there work. Would you advise them in the first month off pill? If so, when would you recommend I start them and how do they work. Are they expensive? Sorry for all the millions of questions!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
hiya, I came off the pill in August. I started testing with opks after 3 cycles. First cycle was 27, then got one at 18 days. I would say give you body chance to adjust to you not taking the pill, then if you feel you want to start with opks you can buy them cheaply on the net at testsforless. hth
butterfingers Posts: 19
I came off the pill in Movember and got a +ve opk on day 16 of each cycle ever since. The 2 full cycles I had so far were each 30 days long as well. My cycles were always regular so that may help explain why they went back to being regular straightaway? It's really up to you - you could end up spending a fortune on them in the first month due to not having much of an idea when to start using them, that's the only reason to wait that I can think of!! :o0