Order of Service - bad idea

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frecklz Posts: 1839
Can I just make the comment that having an order of service seems like a bad idea, and here's why - At a recent wedding, I noticed that I was the only person watching the Bride and Groom when they were making their vows! Everyone had their heads stuck into that booklet, and therefore missed all the action up front. Even the people doing readings didn't get everyone's full attention - it seemed like a waste to me. Considering the fact that there was no videographer, you don't really want people to be reading the same words that you're speaking, do you? It's not like they need subtitles! Nice as a memento, maybe, but perhaps give them out after the ceremony? What does everyone think?
shala Posts: 1733
U have a point there. But would it look scabby not to have any booklets at all? Personally I like to look into a booklet - but that's more coz I want to know when the ceremony will be over :eek :eek That was before I got engaged though!
Trillian Posts: 1685
I'm not having any. May well look scabby (hah I love that word) but I don't care. Any weddings I've been at I've kept the booklets out of politeness and then thrown them out months later (bit of a Larry David me). I was at one years ago where the groom had forgotten to bring them to the hotel and three of us had to dash to the local Spar and photocopy one he's had loose. I'll never forget three of us dressed up to the nines with two Spar assistants helping is tie ribbons on, only to see most of them left on the pews. At least the bride never noticed!
christmas angel Posts: 90
Fully agree with this post. We don't have mass booklets at weekend masses and we get on the finest. I've been to a couple of weddings where we got a one page booklet (once a scroll tied with a ribbon, another folded like an envelope); on the one page just the readings and prayers of faithful, felt this was plenty,everyone watched and listened for the rest. So much waste don't think its scaby at all not to have them!
smartie pants Posts: 842
We just had a single page instead of a booklet with the readings, gospel and key prayers.
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
The only wedding I've been to without a booklet was very quiet - unless the vast majority of your guests are mass attending Catholics (or regularly attend the services of whatever faith you are getting married in) you should have a booklet if you want people to participate. Also include all the sitting, standing and kneeling directions because many people are not familar with these.
smartie pants Posts: 842
That's a very good point SBB... Both our families are Catholic and Mass goers so it wasn't a problem for us. I wish I'd thought of the sitting/kneeling directions for ourselves though. I'm not a regular Mass goer at all. The priest was very good though, he directed us very subtly throughout the Mass!
gerbil Posts: 3528
I have to say I have never seen a congretation at a wedding ignore the B and G making their vows in favour of reading the mass booklet :eek I think generally people like them as A) a souvenir and B) many people are not regular church goers. Certainly at our wedding we'll have a rake of people who are of different religions and a lot who are not regular church goers as well as regular mass goers. This way everyone has a fighting chance of keeping up with what's happening :o0