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SmileyCake Posts: 119
Hi All, I am hoping one of you experts can help me. I am making my own Order of Service books... 180 in total, big wedding!! I am trying to get the right paper.... is 120gsm too thick, would 100gsm be better? Any advice? Also, the cover is ivory so its hard to locate ivory paper chepaly. I am making my own RSVP cards too, just printing on both sides so taht an envelope is not required.. anyone else done this? I'll need to order card tht can handle printing. Any input would be brill... Thanks
bangel Posts: 2285
It all depends on whether your printer can print on heavy card. Most printer businesses sell card and paper (the one in my town does) I'm using 290gsm card for my pocketfolds, but I am not printing on them. If you want it to be stiff you need around 250gsm (AFAIK) Do you want to use the same card for the mass booklets and the RSVP cards? I would say get a few samples of card and try each of them out to see what works.
SmileyCake Posts: 119
thanks for that, I've ordered the covers for the order of service books so think decent paper will be ok for the inside as opposed to card. I think I'll need card for the RSVPs... what are pocketfolds? I'm clueless. Any thoughts on vendors for paper and card? Thanks!!!
Toblerone Posts: 2698
I found [url:1vwje3it]http://www.pdacardandcraft.co.uk[/url:1vwje3it] to be v efficient and fast. Also much cheaper for card than other places online here. www.craftsupplies.ie and www.diywedding.ie are also good. :wv
kelsar Posts: 690
Where are you based. I got my card and paper in Castletown press in Celbridge. Great value. Dont forget when you calculating invites etc thats its normally one per couple, so if you have 180 going you only need roughly 100 invites, order of service books.