Ordered my dress - I SHOULD be ecstatic...

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Belleboo Posts: 924
..but when I got home I realised it is the exact same dress someone I know wore last year.. and there will be people at my wedding that were at hers... I'm gutted.. I love it but just can't wear it now.. I don't know what to do..
lizzie-btb Posts: 104
Honestly Belleboo, as long as you love the dress, its all that matters. Im sure that most of the people at last years wedding are not going to remember what the exact dress that was worn last year. Ive been to many a wedding, and there is no way i would be able to pick out what dress the brides wore. If you are really upset over it, could you contact the shop and get them to order you a different one? Im sure they might accommodate you somehow. Chin up. :action32
shiversmoy Posts: 635
Maybe you could order it in another colour?? I doubt very much though that people will remember the dress at last year's wedding. I was at a wedding last September and I remember at the time it was stunning but I couldnt tell you what it looked like now thinking back and I certainly wouldnt remember it if I saw someone else in it. :wv
Belleboo Posts: 924
I just don't feel right about it anymore - I read the terms & conditions and it says you can't transfer money to another item - I'm sure it sounds shallow but its not MY dress now its like I copied someone elses style... are shops good about this kind of thing I wonder?
lizzie-btb Posts: 104
I would definitely ask anyway. Im sure that they will sort something out for you. When did you order it? I would contact them asap. they might be able to cancel it. Did you like any of the other dresses in the shop? Im sure if you bought another dress in the same shop, they might be ok with it. How much of a deposit was it?
Belleboo Posts: 924
I only ordered it yesterday (sat) so I can't imagine they could have ordered it yet - but I'm afraid they'll tell me I can't change now - I'd be happy to change the skirt (its a two piece) and get a bollero - that would probably make it look totally different - couldn't sleep all night thinking about it - tomorrow morning can't come fast enough!
charlie09 Posts: 162
hi, im sure they could arrange to make some changes to the dress for you. When i tried on some dresses last week the girls in the shop kept telling me that if i didnt like this or that part it could be changed. Has your dress got straps, if not thats something they can add quite easily or take away, and any detail on it can also be amended. The dress i was looking at was strapless but if i wanted atraps added i could get some sparkles added also. Just ask them about ALL your options when you ring, if they cant let you exchange the dress for another, they CAN alter it to suit you.
smittenb2b Posts: 675
Try on the dress and see how you feel. If your swtill upset no harm in talking to the shop they may not have sent your order off yet, maybe as long as you order a dress with them they won't mind. But really the dress will be made for you and suit your figure. You'll be stunning.
Belleboo Posts: 924
Thanks to everyone for the very kind words of support! I will let ye all know what happens tomorrow when I ring the shop! Fingers & toes crossed!
she Posts: 3298
not being funny but all the weddings I have been at and I couldn't remember any of the girls dresses..........most dresses look very simular to each other. The only one that would notice is you and if you love the dress go ahead with it