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lsg Posts: 45
Hi all, I ordered my wedding dress a few days ago and I'm delighted with it...I really it. Our wedding is in June next year and I'm just wondering is it too soon for the shop to take my measurements and put the order in for my dress. Thing is they were saying I need to order as soon as really as the dress I was lookin at takes longer than most to come in!? The sample dress I tried on was a good bit too big on me aswel but when they did my measurements they said that's the size they would recommend they order for me...I only had my 2nd baby 5mths ago and was hoping to lose about a stone before the wedding next year and so now I'm worried that maybe I shouldn't have rushed into it and looked elsewhere for the dress or is this the norm waiting time? Also is there anything else I should be asking them?? Thanks for your help
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi there, I'm sure you're not alone in ordering your dress a year in advance, I think most girls who find THE dress don't want to wait before they order it. I'm sure if you lose some weight you'll be able to get the dress altered to fit you, I think most dresses have to have some alterations done to them. If you're unsure about the size you ordered in your dress then I think you should phone the bridal store and explain your concerns to them, I'm sure they'll be able to put your mind at ease.
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
You can of course order your dress a year in advance as a lot of girls do. Do you know the name/designer of the dress you liked so that maybe you could see if another shop stocks it to get a second opinion re the order time and the size? I wouldn't worry too much about it being too big for you though because I lost two dress sizes between ordering my dress and my first fitting for the wedding so it had to be taken in a lot but you never would have known. Have you paid a deposit btw?
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
You can order the dress a year in advance no problem but I'm not convinced the store is being completely honest with you about lead times. At this time of the year bridal stores aren't making many sales, all the summer wedding dresses are paid for by now usually so they are really trying to make a sale. However I have heard that designers choose to discontinue some of their dresses in august so I would be aware of that. I would definitely source your dress in about 3 other stores for price comparison as I was able to get my dress in another store for €350 less than the first store I saw it in, I'm also able to get my bridesmaids for €40 less per dress so shopping around was definitely worth it for me!
queen30 Posts: 1551
hi! i ordered my dress last week and i was a bit worried as well. im a 12 but when the guirl took the measurements she said i should order in a 16. i went away and thought about it and was freaked that was massive. i went back in and they took my measurements again and said i should order a 14, they agreed that the 16 would be too big but that we should order a 14 as that designer came in very small and obviously easier to take in than let out. id go and have a proper chat with them about the sizings.
caz1301 Posts: 249
Hi.. Im in the same boat..had my little man 7 months ago and put on 4 and a half stone :eek ...bout 8 llbs left to pre pregnancy weight but i was trying to lose weight beforehand so urghhhhhh ..Im not massive about 12.5 now anyway i knew the dress sizes were small fitting..so knew they wouldnt close on me ....the 14 wont close but i really dont want to order a 16 ...even thou i know its small .....every shop said i need at least 6 months to order but i want to lose at least another stone before My fears are 1. What if i get skinnier :-8 ..and the dress doesnt look as nice on me 2. What if i order the 16 and have to take it in to a 12/14 ....will it ruin the dress did anyone lose a LOT of weight and how did there dress look after alterations .were they still happy with the dress side of things
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
Order the dress in the size the store recommends, not the size you'd like the dress to be in. They're in the business of wedding dresses for a reason. If you buy a dress that is a size smaller than what you actually are (according to the bridal store) and you dont lose the extra lb that you need to you could end up with folds of skin over the back of the dress. Which I'm sure you'll agree is not the look your going for on your big day. Wedding dresses are stupid sizes having tried on plenty of different designers I've ranged from an 10 to a 16. If you lose the weight the dress shop will take in your dress and they will make it look perfect on you. Have a little faith in someone who's business is in wedding dresses. They are not going to send you down the aisle in something that doesn't fit. It's amlot easier to take in a dress than it is to let it out sine there's only about 1-2 in inches to let out in a typical dress. Look at the mirror when your in your dress not the size label and trust your bridal shop. If you're still unconvinced ask your store if they have any previous brides that had to get the dress majorly taken in, maybe you could speak to them to dissuade your fears.
lsg Posts: 45
Thanx all 4 the replies...my concerns are the same to the posts above. I'm a size 12 at the minute and they measured me as a 16, sample I tried on in the shop was a 16 and way to big all over! H2b reckons they want to profit later on the alterations but I don't know abt this. I'm just concerned that if it has 2 b taken in so much will it take the look off the dress altogether?! I have paid my deposit now so too late to go changing my mind...shop wouldn't give me the designers name either, said it was an exclusive design from a designer in Australia, no name on the label either which I thought was really strange as all other shops I'd been too had labels on them?! Even after payin my deposit all I got was a pic of the dress that's on their website so I couldn't even go and price the dress elsewhere, which I had been doing with any other dress I had liked up until then...hope I'm just worrying about nothin! :thnk
jams Posts: 368
Girls, sorry, Im lost now... When you say youre ordering a size, say youre a 12, and theyre ordering 16, is that 16 on the dress specific to the designer or is it an american sizing? basically, if youre a UK 12 & theyre ordering you a 16, is it the equivalent to a UK 16?
petersgirl Posts: 1568
Hey, I wouldn't worry about what size they are ordering for you. Wedding dress sizes are all over the place and do not reflect actual real life dress sizes. Usually you are ordering 1-3 sizes up. And the other poster is right in that some of the sizing is american. Even if your dress is too big, it is no problem to alter it. I can see why your H2B is suspicious, but it's likely that no matter what size you get, alterations will be needed to fit you perfectly. It's better to have a bigger size than a smaller size :wv