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diana-lee Posts: 4
Can anyone give me some advice? i have been quoted a great price from for my 3 bridemaid dresses.. would be saving £340 if i ordered them on-line. However.. my wedding is in 20 weeks time.. if i order dresses now the company said they would arrive in 14 weeks time, so if something is wrong with them..e.g they are too small or damaged i have no time to send them back and get new ones!! am i mad or should i go for it? anyone in the same boat?
Picasso Posts: 645
I ordered my BM dresses online with about 20 weeks to go. The girls tried the sample dress on in a shop here before I ordered. If something goes drastically wrong (fingers crossed it doesn't) then I'll get replacement dresses from Monsoon, Debenhams or similar. If you measure BMs properly and get big enough sizes, you should be fine. Dresses can easily be altered to make them smaller, but not bigger!
diana-lee Posts: 4
thanks for that! i'm gona go for it.. just ned some re-assurance! i will be delighted when they arrive at the door, however waiting in anticipation for 14 weeks!!!!!
scatterbrain Posts: 373
Hi Diana, I am in the exact same boat as you on this one except that my weding is 14 weeks away! The price is just too good to pass up so I am going to chance it and if worse comes to worse.......well I will figure that one out when I come to it! :wv
diana-lee Posts: 4
First thing monday i'm gona go for it.. i've just e-mailed the rep at gown sales to get her advice on ordering the right sizes... waiting for her reply then will order! i have my poor bridesmaids heads turned.. on the phone daily going will i or wont i! whats confusing me is that the size chart for Jim hjelm on gown seem to be uk sizes. my BM are UK size 8 and UK size 10, which is what i would order from gown sales.. yet they are an American based company! O:| i'm sure this is a very simple process that i am making far too complicated! if it were a pair of desil jeans.. ive have ordered 10 pair over by now! thanks for your help girls... happy wedding planning! Diana-lee