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Bee07 Posts: 628
Hi girlies Thinking of ordering a La Sposa dress from RK Bridal - have been going through posts on them but there's millions - and I have just a few basic questions - so sorry if I'm asking the same things.. 1-When it asks you for your wedding date - do you lie and give an earlier date - and how much earlier? 2-Bust - I'm going to a tailor to get measured - but quick question when they say bust - should that be from the fullest part? 3-How many months in advance did you order? 4-How long did it take - when was it delivered? 5-Was the size correct - any tips on measurements? Thanks girls
Port Princess Posts: 1154
Hiya, I was gonna order from them but found my dress in a shop here for Eur400 so didnt in the end. They have very good reports on this site!!! I'd say go for it I'm heading over to New York in November so I'm gonna go in and see about bm and fg dresses in there!!! Laura
icebaby Posts: 846
I bought from RK Bridal but I was over in NY so they measured me themselves. I didn't lie about my wedding date, but I had plenty of time to spare, as I ordered almost 11 months in advance. The dress arrived almost exactly 4 months after I ordered it. It was a little big at the waist & hips, but this was probably because I feel between two sizes and had to order the bigger. The bust was a good bit too big, however, and will have to be taken in a lot. To measure bust size the tape goes around the fullest part.
Bee07 Posts: 628
Thanks a million - strange question (another one sorry) - those who did buy - did you tell people where u bought it and how much you saved etc - mentioned it the other day to a friend - and I just got the impression that where as I was getting a beatiful expensive dress, now I was just getting a cheap dress - mad I know becasue its the same one - but I just got that feeling from her - that I was being cheep - so I'm not sure I want to tell any else now - or maybe that was just her.
icebaby Posts: 846
That's ridiculous - it's the same dress! Some people are just snobby about getting value for money. Just tell people you got it from NY if you'd prefer - keep them guessing!
Bee07 Posts: 628
good idea.. ;)
smurf Posts: 755
Go for it, I dealt with them and everything was perfect :lol: PM me for more details if you like. Saved 1k!!