Oscars 2012 fashion or serious lack of it!

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C13 Posts: 289
Did anybody catch a glimpse of the christmas cracker/dresses on show last night?!! I was appalled at the awful styles last night, for one, Meryl Streep and Stacey Keibler looked like they fell out of the same pack of christmas crackers! People in general seem to be raving about Melissa McCarthys dress too but to be honest I thought she's looked way better, the colour and style just didn't suit her, and jees Angelina, put your leg back under that dress, we all know you're on the arm of Mr. Pitt! Its like she's ready to trip Ms. Aniston for wearing something similar! I could go on but that would be a rant of epic proportions................. :o0 gotta get one in about good ole Gwynnie though, there really was no need to drape the bloomin bed sheet over your shoulder love, how's chris gonna keep his piggies warm!!! and breaaaaatheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! god i feel better now!
Finicky Fi Posts: 2134
I absolutely love GP's dress and cape. It's so different, yet it couldn't be simpler. I think it's stunning! She looks so elegant. Most of the dresses were very safe choices. Need a bjork or cher to liven things up!
C13 Posts: 289
Really?! Oh god i think i just saw the cape first and wanted to whip it off her shoulders, i will concede the dress on its own actually is very pretty but the cape ruined it for me! lol you're sure right though finicky fi they played it very safe this year! they definitely needed a dose of crazy to mix things up! there was a definite lack of colour this year too.
teapotty Posts: 2085
I thought Natalie Portman's dress was weirdly casual with the polka dot pattern. Her purple dress last year when she was pregnant was way nicer. I quite liked Gwyneth Paltrow's outfit- at least it was a bit different. It was a shame about all the neutral colours though. I'm not a big fan of nudes, whites, silvers- and when they all go for the same colours it makes for a bland viewing. Jennifer Lopez's dress was a state and most of the others were just bland or tinsel-tastic! My favourites:
wowser Posts: 538
My faves ( even though havent seen all the pics): Gwyneth looked absolutely amazing. Giuliana Rancic her dress is stunning. Granted she is a presenter and not an actress. Sandra Bullock- Love her black n white dress. George clooneys new girl, Im in two minds i dont know if her gold dress is stunning or not. Worst: Nathalie portman: polka dot red dres Angelina: all that black heavy velvet!
Finicky Fi Posts: 2134
[quote="C13"]Really?! Oh god i think i just saw the cape first and wanted to whip it off her shoulders, i will concede the dress on its own actually is very pretty but the cape ruined it for me![quote] Yes really - I think the cape makes the outfit. It's Tom Ford - a different class and so sophisticated. These are my favourites! [attachment=0:3aexqu60]Oscars-2012-White-Dress-Trend.jpg[/attachment:3aexqu60]
Finicky Fi Posts: 2134
[quote="Mrs Coco":ec7d1tec] Worst: Nathalie portman: polka dot red dres [/quote:ec7d1tec] I thought her dress looked too big on top for her.
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
I cant wait to see what Joan Rivers has to say about them all on FP, should be hilarious.
C13 Posts: 289
Didn't mean to offend anyone's fashion sense or anything :-8 Beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that! Mrs. Coco & teapotty I'm with you both on the polka dots issue! I thought it a little too casual to be honest! I'm kind of on the fence about Sandra Bullock's dress though, i think the oversize look about it is putting me off! Ditto to Giuliana Rancic's choice, I thought she looked stunning! There was a little too much OTT glitter going on though, Stacey Keibler is George Clooneys lady of the moment, I think with her dress it was just a bit too much with the gold glitter overload and the flower thingie just there on the side of the dress! I was impressed with the Ellis Saab contributions to the night in Berenice Bejo from The Artist, i thought that was a beautiful elegant dress that suited her well.
fizzgig Posts: 501
My best dressed award goes to Glenn Close, i think she looks amazing, best she has ever looked, loved Octiva's dress too.