osprey hotel naas, prices?

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aliise2 Posts: 201
hi, have seen a few wedding reviews on the osprey. it looks fab. we are getting married abroad, but having doubts now due to recession and guests having to fork out for flights accom and spending money etc. so has anybody and idea how much they charge per head in the osprey for reception? and what comes with it for the price. any advice would be great, the room looks amazing and dont want to go down and fall in love with it and then find out its out of our league pricewise :o(
smaointe Posts: 189
I have booked the Osprey. It is not the cheapest hotel but from what we gather the quality is top notch. Also from what i gather the prices are non negotiable, (H2B doesnt get this, but he's not on WOL reading about the place!). We're expecting to pay abot €65 pp for meal and then the drink reception on arrival and corkage and evening food.... it all adds up. The website has been updated so that should give you a better idea. We have thought about other places since booking....its tough when they dont negotiate.
aliise2 Posts: 201
Hiya thanks for replying. How many guests are you having? I havent a clue wot d other costs are to get married here as we jst didnt look into it. We are all organised for doing it abroad , have deposits paid etc. But now our guests are just bein let go from their jobs its unreal, and the venue we have deposit on abroad would be a waste if we dont have over a certain amount of guests if that makes sense. Ok i have worked out around how much it would cost for the osprey but how much is it to actualy get married? We not into church r anyting so a civil ceremony would do.
smaointe Posts: 189
the minimum for the day we have booked in 110, i doubt we will have many more otherwise we'd be inviting people for the sake of it. The minimum for sat is 140...hate how hotels put a minimum number, another place we looked at was the same at having 110 as a minimum...what an odd number to stick at -110 (ok ramble over!!) Hope it goes well for you, let me know if you book it! is your wedding before or after mine?