OT - I'm livid

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
I can't believe it. I came down this morning and realised I didn't close the freezer properly last night and had just spent 60e yesterday on meat plus I spent a week cooking over two weeks worth of dinners for dh and I for after baby arrives. It was all good stuff with no jars of sauces or packets etc I'm beyond livid!!!!!!!!
curliwurli Posts: 3369
oh no that is so annoying can you cook the meat and use that up at least? really feel for you!!
Ghostwhisperer Posts: 53
oh no you poor thing, the worst is spending 60e yesterday that would really get me. Could you cook more dinners with the meat and re freeze (as its cooked)?
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
Ah stop!!!! I was so upset I just fecked everything in the bin. I was afraid some of the stuff would have defrosted a bit and refrozen depending on where it was in the freezer. My mam is gonna help me cook everything again but as I'm overdue it'll just be my luck baby will come before I can redo it all. I'm an organised freak so that's the part annoying me most
lollyfp Posts: 2441
You poor thing - I would be raging too!!! I can't even cook so I have no clue what DH and I will do - he'll be the one cooking. So sorry that happened to you - grrrrrrrrr!!!! O:| O:|