OT - moisturiser with tan in it recommendation?

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wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I posted this in F&B also but I thought I would ask here and in M&K also. I would rather get a moisturiser with a tint in it that builds up a gradual tan than fakey. I can't rem if these types of fakey have a name, it's been seriously years since I put fake tan on. I actually can't rem when!! There are loads more on the market now and my sis isn't living in this country anymore to have road tested them all. She was mad into them! So if anyone could recommend a good one, that doesn't stink that would be great. I have a good few days to build it up and I just don't have the energy to prepare/put on fakey. I know I could get a spray tan done, but again coulnd't be bothered. I'm lazy these days. Thanks :wv
maybeababy10 Posts: 33
Hi there, I find Dove great, usually get lots of complimnet, even from beautician. It comes in couple of different shades, I get the dark one, as I'm dark colouring.
jen09 Posts: 1390
I can 2nd the Dove one; my FSIL recommended it to me & it comes up great, watch the usual spots (elbows, knees, knuckles) but a few uses over a few days & you'll be a bronzed godess
red_rubies Posts: 2424
I third the Dove - it smells nice too. As long as you rub it in well it will go on fine. I find it only takes one or two applications & is very natural.
lilywhite Posts: 57
I'm all for Dove too, they do a separate one for your face too, if you want to put it on your face
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Wow so it seems the Dove one gets all the votes so far!! thanks ladies. i'm so out of touch with what's on the market, all's I been looking at for the last 2 years is products that stop stretch marks, heal episitomy's and such like!!
bam bam Posts: 1756
Dove is great, but can I just suggest using Loriel (SP!!) Sublime tan?? I just put it on for the first time today as I have a wedding at the weekend and i have to say its the nicest tan i've ever had, delighted with it. Got the tube medium skin one and my sis put it on with a mitten, really love tan I have to say, you could see it going on too which always helps.
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
If I got the Dove one at the weekend, would I have enough time to build up a 'glow'?
Vogue Posts: 426
I love the St Tropez Everyday medium/dark. One coat gives a lovely natural glow.
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
vogue - is it the Everyday Gradulal tan body??