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summer days Posts: 112
Hello all- , does anyone else feel like this Pregnancy and Babies section is one of the best for getting info, discussions and general comraderie between all who post. I have been on rollercoaster, magicmum and various others but still check this one more often! I don't know why, those sites are probably bussier and I like the smaller network of you guys here! Not sure if I am making any sense here but only a few weeks ago I posted here about how my hormones were making me the most unreasonable person in the world. This week I feel like giving everyone a BIG CYBERHUG :D :D
mama sugar Posts: 1387
hi summer days, yea I have been on this website since getting engaged and now married and now on the babies section trying to get all the info I need, I like the fact that you remember people that were having problems or need advise and visa versa for me and people on here seem to remember and ask how things are going its nice! x
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I agree,there is amuch better atmosphere here than on the other sites!!
bree Posts: 1880
yes this one is defo the best - tho vhi site not bad either, its good for looking up old posts about various hospitals ( mullingar in my case )... your right about the athmosphere in this one tho
Lucy D Posts: 91
Hiya Although I don't post here that often I do always keep an eye out although I think perhaps there should be a seperate section for those TTC and those who are pregnant, perhaps a suggestion to the website should be made to organise this?
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i think a TTC section would be great, mayb emention it to Fiona
lamb nose Posts: 679
I too, always head straight for this site when I turn on the computer. It seems friendlier than rollercoaster/magicmum etc. and as Summerdays said the comradarie is so much better between us all! :D