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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
was at my gp today but my regular doc wasnt there and the doc was checking babys position and feeling for the head and i told her i was feeling lots of pressure on one side in particular - well holy mother talk about sore - she was really pressing with her fingers checking the position of the head!! is it sore when you get it done?
mathair01 Posts: 105
Me too, always think internal v sore, no matter what doc i go to. Think i tense up at the thought of it
brightling Posts: 1496
I had DD1 in the Coombe and there was one doc in the team in particular that would dig in so deep when checking the babys position during antenatal visits. DH used to joke that he was checking for teeth!! Not long to go now for you. Would be lovely to be home and all by Christmas day. Fingers crossed!!
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
it wasnt even an internal! she was just checking the position from the outside!!
alton Posts: 3077
I went in to Holles Street for a trace when I was concerned about movements about a week before ds arrived and the doctor who checked me actually made me yelp when she checked. She half-smiled and said "sorry, that always hurts a bit" and I really should have told her, "eh no, just when you do it". I don't know how many times the consultant, GP and numerous midwives checked and it never hurt a bit.