Oufit for blacktie event

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sineaaad Posts: 402
My cousin is getting married on Friday (1 day over my due date) We hadnt planned on going because of the timing but we were chatting last night and have decided that unless we are in hospital we might as well go. Its in my home town and dh wont drink-just in case. Problem is its black tie, so I now have a few days to find an outfit!! Would love a plain long black dress that will flatter my bump. Anybody know a maternity shop in Dublin, Wicklow or wexford (or anywhere close) that I might find something in. Thanks a lot for your help
cbtb Posts: 413
Next have a very pretty chocolate brown dress its on page 2 of the mother and baby section. Its not long but would be lovely on and the best bit its only 60quid, HTH. Best of luck with the baby. :wv
oirish Posts: 1541
i've a full lenght green maternity dress you can borrow if you want ! pm me for a pic if you are interested, dunno would size/colour etc suit