Our secret wedding in Cape Town,was amazing!

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mcheeks Posts: 80
Hello All For those of you that were following us in our secret wedding to South Africa, It was an amazing day, Weather, flowers, dress, limousine, hair and makeup, restaurant, priest all went to plan…. Family were more than delighted to hear our news when we rang them on the 31st at 6 pm to tell them. We spent a fortune on our self and had the most romantic day. And I can finally say yes it was the best day of our life’s. We had three weeks of bliss on our honey moon and slashed out on our self’s as we saved a lot of money by not having a wedding with 300 plus here in Ireland. For not one minute did I regret changing our big wedding here in Ireland to a secret wedding in South Africa. Any one interested in photos pm me mcheeks
ott Posts: 3920
Congratulations! I'm delighted that everything went so well for you! I was looking forward to hearing how you got on.
Bakeswife Posts: 1098
Oh that is great news hun congrats - i was followign your story over the last while and thrilled to here all went well - great new yrs eve surprise for everyone too - well done you :o)ll I will pm my email address to see some pics :thnk
rej Posts: 216
great that it went so well - enjoy married life!
gotcha Posts: 334
congratulations! Wishing you many years of Wedded Bliss