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rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
red snakeskin ballet pumps black jeans black vest pink sleeveless top with a skull with wings and roses printed on the front, adorned with studs and corset style ties down each side.. black crucifix necklace x
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
a smile .................. :o0
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
a frown
smartie pants Posts: 842
Skanky grey trackie bottoms, stripy t-shirt, yesterdays make up a poor me expression I stayed to work from home today as not feeling well and am too busy to pull a proper sickie! What a pretty picture I make. usually I look like my meez only fatter...
willful Posts: 6822
They've brought in a crappy 'no jeans/smart casual' rule in school this year so I'm wearing a print dress over black trousers and pretty black kitten heels with flowers on them. Also have my hair all tied up neatly so I don't feel like myself at all!!!
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Black pants, and pretty skirt(green)
mrs waterfordbride Posts: 3063
manchester united jersey tracksuit bottoms runners
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
[quote:1yzdbqut]manchester united jersey [/quote:1yzdbqut] sorry for your troubles ! :action32
TokenMale Posts: 6845
Guess jeans which are too long and are basically destroyed down the bottom. North Face shirt Kenneth Cole shoes Calvin Klein kacks Dunnes socks
newkid30 Posts: 2233
Black linen wide leg trousers White puff short sleeved very fitted shirt. Black wedges Multi-couloured beads. ethnic type bracelet. Red hairband. Loads of fake tan. :o0 :o0 :o0