outbreak of spots

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happycamper Posts: 186
Can anyone suggest a miracle cure. since becoming pregnant i've had this outbreak of spots all over my chest and back and neck. I've never really had a problem with spots before this but i'm at the stage now where i'm considering going to the doctor. Is anyone suffering from this. Is this part of pregnancy. Is there any miracle cure to get rid of them. Please help :thnk
bonita Posts: 1678
I had this in the begining and Im still getting the odd few spots. Its just the hormones in your body, Im so glad I got them on my back & neck and not on my face but I was nearly going to the doctor about it and then they all of a sudden calmed down again, I still get the odd large, very sore one say on my shoulder or something, not nice but I just keep saying thank god thats not on my nose :o0 After every shower I covered them in sudo cream, which does take the redness and size down fairly quickly and the eventually cleared up like I said I never used anything stronger than sudo. HTH
mama2E Posts: 670
I would talk to the doctor to see if there is anything he'd recommend. Did you try aloe vera? I've got bad spots on my face - I've never really had an outbreak as bad and they are so sore. I've been just drinking loads of water. Hopefully its just our hormones and it'll settle in a while!!!!!!!!!!!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
I got those too from about 5 weeks has started to calm down now, had them really badly on my face, back, chest, neck and shoulders but still get them on my face nothing u can do with them really other than tea tree oil and sudocreme, am slowly getting less of them now, oil of olay blackghead scrub seems to help with the face ones
lemon Posts: 180
I am suffering with the same and am very paranoid about it, although DH says that I'm being over-paranoid. Anyway, had a gynae appointment yesterday and said it to the Nurse, she said there is nothing they can prescribe for it. I told her that I had been applying Aloe Vera Gel with Tea Tree and she said there is nothing more you can do really. Suggested that it might pass with time as the hormones change & also suggested that the sun might help it (when it eventually arrives)!!!